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According to the findings of Bowker Market Research, self-published eBooks constitute 12% of the total sales of ebooks online.

 Hence the trend to write your own ebook, publish it and sell online has extensively risen over past some years. Selling ebooks initially may seem quite intimidating as most people don’t know where to start. However, to ease off your anxiety we have listed down a few tips that may help you get started on your path to a successful writing career and make good fortune.

In 2014, Ebook sales overtook printed book sales with more than 47 million units sold worldwide. Therefore the market opportunity is immense and you can tap into it with some knowledge about the business. Obviously, the first step to sell your ebook online is to write one. Therefore focus on your ebook extensively as quality content will make its place within the market and people will appreciate it. Spend long hours on compiling an ebook that will be cherished by most individuals and welcome feedback from close friends and family. Through constructive criticism, you’ll end up with a masterpiece.

Broadly there are two options on how you can sell your ebook online. You can sell your ebook via different websites such as Apple, Amazon, iBookstore, Kobo etc or you can sell it yourself through a website or a social media page. It’s important to base your ebook title on the keywords you’ve researched to help you find more potential buyers. Have a professional outlook of your ebook and present it well. Running your ebook through a copy editor would help you address any errors and issues with it.

Many readers wouldn’t go pass the thumbnail of your ebook therefore investing in a good graphic designer is important. Convey to the designer the complete essence of the ebook so he or she may design a convincing and appealing cover letter. Case studies have been made on how changing the cover letter of a particular book can affect its sales drastically. An average book buyer would spend on average 3 seconds from seeing a book and deciding on buying it so leaving a good impression on first sight is essential.

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Ebook Formats

Deciding on your ebook format is essential as different marketplaces allow different formats. Amazon reads only Mobi format files while Apple, iBookstore and Kobo use the Epub format for the ebooks. Therefore it is important to list down the sites you’ll be selling the books on and accordingly tweak your Ebook format. You can either convert the Ebook yourself by using the conversion tools or utilizing your knowledge of CSS and HTML. If you aren’t comfortable then it’s better to pay someone to do it for you.

Reaching Potential Buyers

The second phase is to actually sell your ebook online. More than 90% of ebook sales are carried out through ebook retailers. They are a good option especially if you are merely starting out and don’t have a massive audience.

Selling your ebook via ebook retailers would provide you with a larger audience and great exposure if you get on the best sellers list. Also, it’s quite convenient to utilize their service as you just need to use their front end website. Enter a few details and set-up your account and within few minutes you are ready to sell your books online. You may also have to go towards a third party publisher to sell your book to stores such as Apple as they have allowed only a limited number of third party companies on their website.

You will have to pay royalties to the ebook retailers and wouldn’t have direct knowledge of the buyer of your ebook so you can’t produce a database for yourself. Therefore it’s important to weigh down the pros and cons and choose accordingly.